Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wikipedia, just for fun!

As with everything Internet I’m pretty late getting into the new stuff. Folks had been blogging for a while before it was suggested that I give it a try. As for WIKIPEDIA I’ve only really started getting into it over the past few months, although I had taken a peek at it last year while still in New York.

As with Google, you can’t always trust 100% what you’ll find in any given search, especially since just about anybody who signs up can make changes in any given entry. Still it is amazing the things you can learn about just about any given subject, including tons of entries on fannish things of all kind.

I already have a link to WIKIPEDIA over at PARTING SHOTS, but wanted to add one here as well. Whenever I use information from the site I’ll try to remember to add that link to my headline. Just in case, you can go over to The Right and click on the permanent link there.
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