Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Anyone Still Out There?

I realize that it has been ages since I last posted here and for that I apologize.  There never seems to be anything of import, other than an occasional film that actually warrants the time.  I find that all the comments I have can be summarized into 140 characters.  Easy enough to tweet what I have to say about the latest ARROW or Z NATION. I'm also part of dozens of groups on Facebook where discussion of comics, films and other pop culture stuff allows me to vent or rave about any particular topic.

I'm currently only getting maybe a half dozen comics any month, and only a few are titles I am getting on a regular basis.  If anyone cares they are; AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, ROCKET RACOON, GUARDIANS 3000, TALES OF SABRINA and the DOCTOR WHO comic featuring the new Peter Capaldi regeneration.  I've picked up a few #1s the past few months, mostly out of curiosity but nothing that I will be adding at this point.

As you can imagine I'm watching the various live action, super-hero shows on TV.  I found MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD improving at the end of last season, but have given up on it after the first couple of episodes this season.  Throwing in an occasional super-baddie doesn't make up for the use of KAOS...er, HYDRA with the scene chewing ageless Nazi leading them.  It's like the major villain is a Fortune 500 insurance company. Scary, but not enough to keep me setting the DVR.

On the other hand, ARROW continues to be one of my favorites and I love THE FLASH.  Yeah, we get the required amount of CW romance and angst, but overall the writing and acting keep the shows entertaining.  I'm mixed on GOTHAM, wanting to enjoy the show more than I have been.  Unfortunately, Jim Gordan is not the most interesting character in the show which is supposed to be about him.  The scenes with Gordan and his partner Harvey Bullock are good, plus any scene featuring the future Penguin are generally the best in the episode whether Oswald is the primary focus or not.

I've been enjoying CONSTANTINE, which started a bit late in the season.  Only a few episodes to judge, but they have mostly been top notch, featuring characters from the book and even a story line or two.  Fascinating introducing Jim Corrigan into the show, with a bit of foreshadowing of his fate. Don't want to give anything away if you folks don't know who he is in the DC universe.

That does it for now.  Best to keep track of me on Facebook, but I may try to post a bit more frequently here.