Sunday, March 25, 2007

Going through some changes!

I've made some changes to the links over to the side. I have rearranged a few items trying to get items related to each other (at least in topic or interest area) next to each other. I've also renamed the World Famous Comics site to the more accurate Tony Isabella, since it's to Tony's page at the WFC site to which you are actually guided towards.

You might note that I've finally added a link to Comic Mix, the rather new site dedicated to comics reviews & news. You'll see reviews and commentary by such folks as Dennis O'Neil, Michael Davis, Elayne Riggs, John Ostrander, Peter David, Mike Gold and many others. Several of whom I've had dinner or lunch with and one with whom I've actually slept. (Peter and I don't talk much about that!)

Seriously, I know I have promised to post a bit more frequently, but I really do plan on doing so. I have fallen way behind on blogging and reading those of others, and I want to apologize. It was never my intent to let things lag around here, but life at Chez Chaput has taken a number of turns which were not expected. Some of those have been mentioned at Parting Shots, but others will remain within these walls.