Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DC B*tching and moaning, why I have been missing.

If you are a fan of DC you might want to skip this, since I don't have much positive to say. I also do give away some of the plot of JONAH HEX #70, the final issue in this run.

Not mentioned in the video, but I want to give thumbs up to the creative team on Marvel's SECRET WARRIORS, which just ended. Started as part of "Dark Reign" the book actually continued and justified its existence by wrapping up decades of Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D. continuity. This was the last continuing Marvel book that I have been reading since the "Heroic Age" started. I was picking up the various AVENGER titles, but dropped most within 3-4 issues, if that. This means that, if you don't count a couple of Vertigo titles (AMERICAN VAMPIRES & AMERICAN VAMPIRES: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST), I am no longer getting a single book from either Marvel or DC. What kind of fanboy does that make me?

At this point I think most of the books I'm getting are from Dark Horse or,believe it or not, Image. With a scattering of things from IDW, BOOM! and a few other companies. Not going to list them, but if you have seen my past videos on my 'pull list' you know the ones I currently follow.

I'm not sure who, if anyone, still reads this blog, but if you do let me know if you think my picking up the complete DC 52 is a good idea or not.