Saturday, January 24, 2009

Four Color Fiend: Am I still reading this stuff?

No spoilers this time around, just wanted to mention a few things about the current batch of comics I'm reading.

Not sure how I feel about Marvel's "Dark Reign" event. It picks up immediately after SECRET INVASION wrapped and cleans up some things that happened there. I bought the first issue of DARK AVENGERS and some other books which tie-in, but haven't read any yet. I'll keep you posted.

One thing that can be said for Marvel, at least the entire MU acknowledges the SI events and now those of DR. DC on the other hand, doesn't seem to recognize the FINAL CRISIS series, except in those books officially tie-in. The SUPERMAN & BATMAN family books are all concentrating on their own mini-events, and the current JUSTICE LEAGUE & JUSTICE SOCIETY storylines also don't seem aware of what's going on either. To be honest, it might be to their benefit, since I'm still not entirely comfortable with where FC is going and it only has one more issue to go. *shrug*

My current list of faves include the following:
Guardians of the Galaxy (tying in to the War of Kings storyline); Brave and the Bold (the regular title and not the Batman B&B book related to the animated series); Soloman Kane from Dark Horse; Walking Dead; the various Doctor Who books from IDW (classic and contemporary); Stan Saki's Usagi Yojimbo (always the first book I read when I pick up the new issue); the Hellboy/B.P.R.D./Lobster Johnson books that Dark Horse produces with Mike Mignola's crew. A guilty pleasure is ZOMBIE TALES: THE SERIES also from Boom! Studios always has at least one excellent story each issue.

By the way, despite saying last year that the San Diego con exhausted me, I'm going again. More on that as time grows near.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gammera the Invincible movie clip

Damn kids with their rock 'n' roll music! They got what they deserved.