Monday, March 13, 2017

LOGAN: A Popcorn for One Review

A pretty good way to say goodbye to two characters and two actors who helped make the X-Men franchise so popular.  Both Hugh Jackman (Logan/Wolverine) and Sir Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier/Professor X) say they are walking away from the roles they have become so identified with.  In the case of Jackman, these are the films that pretty much made him a star.  Of course, there have been rumors that he might decide to put on the claws once again to do a cameo in the second DEADPOOL film, but I don't believe that has been confirmed as yet.

The X-Men films have played fast & loose with time and their own continuity for a while now.  To be honest, you really don't have to have seen all the other films to understand this one.  There is even a small bit that implies that not everything we thought we knew was necessarily as it happened. Indeed, there is little reference to the other mutants who followed the Professor, except for the mentioning of an incident in the past where Xavier may have used his abilities, causing the death of the rest of the team.  Both Charles and Logan are ill, their hope is to get enough money so that they can purchase a boat and get out of the country.  Meanwhile, a corporation that has been experimenting on children in order to create a new race of mutants, is searching for one child in particular who has escaped.

Jackman and Stewart are the focus of the film and their relationship has become reversed, with Logan caring for the aging Charles, whose power has become hard to control, unless he is constantly being medicated.  The adamantium which was injected into Logan to make him into Weapon X is now poisoning him.  His ability to heal is becoming less reliable as time goes by.  Both men know their time is limited, but Charles has a secret.  He is waiting for the child, known as Laura (played remarkably by the young Dafne Keen) who has a link to Logan of which he is unaware.

Sort of a dark, 'road picture' with the two actors and their young companion attempting to get to safety and perhaps finally get that boat.

I don't want to give anything away and the trailers give you a taste of what you are in store for.  It is indeed deserving of an "R" rating, since Logan and others reveal a ferocity only hinted at in earlier films.  The only negative I can admit to is that there is a bit of a drag in the second part of the film, so a bit of editing could have taken out maybe 5-10 minutes without effecting the film badly.

Oh, and to save you the time, there are no post credit scenes so you can pack up if you don't normally stay through the lists of accountants and animal wranglers.  You might want to get there a bit early though, as there is a DEADPOOL teaser before the film begins.  Also, if you are anything like me you might bring a tissue or two.