Saturday, April 03, 2010

Four-color Fiend: Blackest Night is over! A Spoiler or two)

Well, I guess it really depends on what title you're reading, since there might be some delays on DCU tie-ins. For the most part though BLACKEST NIGHT appears to be at an end, with some heroes and villains returned from the dead. If you have been paying attention, even glancing at book covers or at the BN action figures it's easy to guess which heroes have come back. It will be interesting to see what these former JSA & JLA members will think of the newest incarnations of their old groups. I was really happy to see the King of the Seas reunited with his wife and couple of winged heroes also back together.

On the downside, was it really necessary to bring back the villain who started so much of this descent into darkness. I never thought much of the character to begin with and giving him the power that he appeared to have before he got his neck broken didn't make him any more interesting. Apparently some writers or editors felt they needed to bring him back, but I think I'll do my best to not read any books in which he's involved. A good time to cut back on DC titles.

Speaking of cutting back, SIEGE seems like a good jumping off point on some Marvel books. Time to start checking out more titles from the smaller, independent companies.

Anybody else reading the GREEN HORNET from Dynamite? Kevin Smith is adapting this from an unfilmed screenplay he wrote years ago. I'm finding it mildly interesting, but I don't know that I'm going to pick up the half-dozen or so related GH books the company plans to publish. Might you not want to see how the initial book sells before creating prequels, sequels and spin-offs? The company did that with the PROJECT SUPERPOWERS titles, some of which I enjoyed, but I don't know that GH has that large a fan-base. Maybe they want to saturate the market before the film version of the Hornet hits the theatres. If it's a dud it might take all these books down with it.

I just got myself a 'new toy' the other day and will probably have more to say about it once I have it figured out.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thanks for stopping by!

I was asked yesterday if I still did 'my blog' and I had to answer that I did, but seldom post. When I first starting doing this blog I used it to cover books, comics, and movies, as well as what was going on in my life. Eventually I started Shot's Shack to cover pop culture stuff and to separate those from the political & social opinions that seemed to bother a few folks. For the most part I'd like to think that was successful.

Over the past year I've found that I have been commenting on Facebook more and more. I'm also spending a bit more time on several forums/message boards where I can talk about my interests with folks who share them. Sadly, doing either of my blogs has almost become a chore, which is what happened to my apa-hacking back in the day. I found that I had to force myself to put together a zine and that's how it feels when I blog now.

I'm not saying that I'm never going to blog again, but that it will probably be a while before I start posting on a regular basis again, if ever. Please feel free to look for me as Steven Chaput over on Facebook. I already have some 200+ "Friends" and you are more than welcome to join. Maybe we already have some mutual ones!