Monday, October 19, 2020

DC's "Future State" Event - Do I even care?

It has been a longtime since I've put anything here and I felt that I should start doing more than just posting my YouTube videos. I appreciate anyone who has actually stuck around all this time and at least for a while I want to once again make blogging part of my quarantine life.


Been hearing and reading about DC Comics upcoming "Future State" event and I'm still on the fence. It seems to be an attempt to do some of the things Dan Didio had in mind with his '5-G' remake of the entire DC line, but in a limited timeframe.

According to how I understand it, for 2-3 months we'll be seeing the regular DCU books halted and replaced by titles that deal with future versions of all the characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc.) The new titles will also bring back previous characters, or characters similar to them with possible new names.

It sounds way too confusing, as a clean break seems a better move if that's the central idea. Anybody remember Convergence a similar 'event' that DC did? Me neither! Podcasts and articles kept referring to it so I had to look it up. This was only five years ago and I have no memory of it, yet vividly remember the initial Crisis and even Invasion which were decades ago. Yet, Convergence had 50+ issues over the two month span.

The two Marvel events, Empyre and X of Swords, have given me the out to drop at least half a dozen issues of their titles, at least for a while. These were books I found that I was just picking up and sometimes sitting for several issues before I read them. There are way too many excellent alternative/independent titles out there I find more interesting. My super-hero disinterest seems to be growing as it does periodically (no pun).

I'll probably pick up the central title, just out of curiosity, but I'm not going the New 52 route and shelling out money for the whole line. Are these 'events' by the Big Two really bringing in new readers? I can't believe they do, and I wonder if there is any boost in shop sales for more than the initial issues (or those folks out there are who feel the need to purchase variant covers).

Went on longer than I expected. Sorry!

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