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Jefferson Airplane Volunteers (Live At Woodstock 1969)

Saw the Airplane twice in concert.  Both were amazing events.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Has it been a year already? Gearing up for San Diego Comic-Con 2018

So much has happened in the past year that I don't even know where to begin.  While I'm excited about Comic-Con there is also a sadness that will touch part of it.  Last year, when I left Donna was having a friend, Jeanne, looking in on her at home and other folks were making sure that she was okay. Neither of us knew that our lives would be changing in only a few weeks.  Donna passed away in August and the best eighteen years of my life were suddenly behind me.

I've been very fortunate to have to have had love of family and friends this past year.  Also, as silly as it may seem, I've also had various fandoms and interests to help me through the hours and days that sometimes seem so empty.  At least until last December, I also had my work at the Orange Public Library to fill eight plus hours five days a week. Since my retirement it's difficult even to keep track of the days.  Unless I have a doctor's appointment, the only regular event in my life is my weekly Wednesday trip to Orange for my comics. That visit to Big Red Comics on Glassel was the one thing to which I looked forward. I also would occasionally drop in at Comic Quest or Nuclear Comics to fill in some gaps.

At least once a week, sometimes more, I go to the movies.  The Movie Pass app certainly helps with that as the subscription cuts down on the movie prices a bit.  Right now I've gotten so many points on my Regal Club card I may never have to pay for popcorn or soda ever again. I'm also addicted to using the Stardust App, where I seem to be posting or responding to reviews several times a day.

So here it is with Comic-Con only a week away.  I've gone through the program and marked off a few panels and events I would like to attend.  Of course, as usual I'm sure, something will come up to throw all my plans up in the air. It may be my wonderful step-daughter, Kristina and her amazing wife, Sarah, or it could be suddenly running into a fan friend or even a co-worker I haven't seen since last year.  Suddenly I'm forgetting all about panels and find myself off to lunch or just sitting around chatting and catching up. I've already gotten an invitation to a publisher's event, which came as a complete surprise.  Who knows what else might come my way.

As usual, my promise is to try to write about my SDCC adventures when I return. Since I have so much free time, maybe this year I'll actually get around to starting and completing that.

If you are going to be at Comic-Con, please say hello if you know me.  Hell, even if you only know me from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Stardust I'd be thrilled to meet you.

Peace out!