Wednesday, July 05, 2017

It's almost time for Comic-Con 2017

Hard to believe that it's already that time again.  Doesn't seem like a year has passed since the last one.  Hell, I think I still have some books I picked up there that I haven't read yet.

It's going to be strange not having my friend, Dan, here this year.  He's going to be taking care of some personal business and so couldn't attend. If we try again next year, maybe things will work out. I've also heard that Dick's Last Resort is no longer open, which is a bummer, as it had become a tradition to grab a burger and brew there at least once during that week.  There are lots of other places in the Gaslamp, but Dick's had it's own unique personality and the place was always full of fans & pros having a great time.

Not sure what I'll be up to this year, since I'll be on my own, plus as I'm not going to be trying to get into Hall H I'll have more free time to check into some of the smaller rooms and just wander the main floor.  I will be spending part of Thursday at the San Diego Public Library attending the 2nd Annual Educators & Librarian Comic Conference.  Very interesting last year and the inspiration for the Comic-Con we had here at Orange Public Library in May.  We had close to 600 folks in attendance and hope to make it an annual event.  I have to thank the folks at SDCC for allowing us to license the Comic-Con trademark and also the Free Comic Book Day organization for sending us dozens of free comics that we were able to hand out to attendees of all ages.

Can't close without admitting that one of the best parts of my visit is getting to spend time with my step-daughter, Kristina and her lovely bride, Sarah.  They always find some new place to take me to and we never fail to have a great time.

This year I actually hope to complete the SDCC coverage of my day-to-day adventures.  I never finished it last year, but plan to be a better blogger this time out. One of the highlights was meeting and getting a selfie with actor Nyambi Nyambi, probably best known as Samuel on the show Mike & Molly. Really a nice guy.

You can probably keep better track of me on Facebook or Twitter, or even my occassional Instagram posts. If I ever figure out Imgur I might try to post there, instead of just checking out other folks.

Stay tuned!