Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big Bang for your buck!

Back when I was more seriously into comics two of my favorite publishers (or imprints) were AC Comics (you’ll find a link to their site over on The Right) and Big Bang. While AC was a publisher of new (Fem Force, Sentinels of Justice, etc) and reprint material (westerns, including licensed items & Golden Age super-heroes), Big Bang (BB) was a smaller publisher (later distributed by Image) which put out new material which looked and felt old, if you know what I mean.

The writers and artists at BB are obvious fans of Golden & Silver Age comics, especially super-heroes of the Julius Schwartz era. Their characters like Ultra Man, Knight Watchman and Thundergirl were homages (some would say rip-offs, if they were unkind) of Superman, Batman,and Mary Marvel with other characters standing in for various Justice Society & League members, and similar heroes of the period. The thing about BB, and many of AC’s books, is that they still contain that element of fun, which the Big Two seem to have forgotten.

I’m adding a link to the Big Bang site, and hope that you’ll go and check it out. I also want to remind you that you should click on the AC Comcs site, since they continue to produce a nice assortment of material (including some ‘good girl’ stuff) for comic fans, not just fans of Western comics with Roy, Gene and other B-movie stars.
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