Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mark Verheiden & Me

To be honest, Mark probably would not even remember me after all these years, but we have met and exchanged e-mails. Back in that other life, when I was involved in fandom Mark and I were both members of the comics apa, Capa-Alpha (generally referred to as K-a). At least once, but perhaps a couple times, we attended the annual K-a breakfast/brunch get-together at the San Diego Comicon.

Now Mark has had his name attached to seemingly half the SF/fantasy/comics related shows on television, as well as writing several films and hundreds of pages of comics. Back when I knew him he was best known as the writer of The American, a great take on the idea of a Captain America type hero who worked for the government. Seemingly invulnerable and ageless, it turned out that there was actually an entire group of government agents who were trained and surgically changed. Any one of them could replace the current American, if he was killed or otherwise unable to appear at any given crisis or event.

It appears that Mark has been signed to writing a live action TEEN TITANS film for Warner Bros. If anybody can do a great job on that project it will be Mark.

To keep up with all things Verhheiden I'm adding a link to his blog, but in the meantime you can check it out by clicking on the headline above.
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