Saturday, June 16, 2007

Not that this needed an explanation for some of you!

I mentioned these characters in my previous post and thought that I should briefly explain them for non-comic geeks.
FLAMING CARROT was created by Bob Burden in the late 1970s, eventually having the spin-off MYSTERY MEN (which was turned into a disappointing but still fun movie), of which FC was a member in the comics version. The character has popped up with several publishers, along with Burden's self-published efforts. When the action figure was announced, I was pretty much an FC completest and couldn't resist. I still need an FC lighter though, for those moments when I want to impress folks as I light up a cigar.
LOBO THE DUCK is a bit harder to explain.
Back in 1997 Marvel & DC comics were doing one of several cross-over type events, in which characters combining various traits of one publisher's characters were merged with those of the others. (For instance, BATMAN & WOLVERINE were combined to become the character DARK CLAW; Doctor Strange & Dr. Fate became Doctor Strangefate, etc.) For some reason, LOBO was especially popular, so somebody decided to combine the one-note thug with Steve Gerber's far more witty creation HOWARD THE DUCK. I thought it worked only partially, but couldn't resist buying the action figure when I saw it at a convention.
Your mileage may vary in all this, I'm sure.
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