Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting back into stuff

Well, I just resubscribed to the Comic Buyer's Guide (CBG) yesterday, so we'll see how long it takes for my first issue to arrive. I plan on trying to get over to the comic shop in Lake Forest this Saturday, since I'm working at the El Toro Library. I'm hoping to pick up the most recent CBG, and at least glance at a few comics if not actually pick up a couple.

Once I start getting the magazine in the mail each month, I'm going to read and review some of the material in each issue. Since I don't read any current titles, it might be a chance to catch up on things, besides what I read in the comics related sites. I'm also sure that the section that reviews older books will probably trigger some memories that will get me blogging.
If memory serves me, I owned the issue of CBG with the Jack Kirby cover. I first read and quickly subscribed to CBG, back with it was known as The Comic's Buyers Guide (TCBG) and Alan Light was the publisher. In fact, my ex Betsy and I both had subscriptions for a while when we first moved in together.
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