Thursday, June 07, 2007

Misc. TV stuff of no importance

JERICHO, according to a CBS announcement yesterday, has been rescued, for seven to eight episodes this Fall. Looks like if everybody can work it into their schedules we can expect the show to appear as a mid-season replacement. Apparently, a compromise which would have let the show's creators wrap things up with a two-hour "movie event" was turned down. We fans couldn't be happier, although I expect some characters won't have survived the gunfight.

Donna and I are watching both AMERICA'S GOT TALENT & THE NEXT BEST THING, so you know that there's not much else except reruns. We have also started watching episodes of DEADLIEST CATCH, which is deals with crab fishing in Alaska. When Fran was here over the Memorial Day weekend, she recommended the show, and we've been catching (pardon the expression) the show when we can.

Bravo's TOP CHEF: Season 3 is starting next week. Last night was a face-off between the winning chefs from the first two seasons, which was pretty good. We won't be missing Marcel, but some of the Season 3 folks look to be just as smug, so we're sure to have some nastiness to enjoy.

LAST COMIC STANDING also begins a new season next week, which we liked last season so are going to give it a try at least for the first couple of weeks.

I may have more to say about all these shows over the next few weeks, so you can understand why even Donna thinks I should go back to reading comics!
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