Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Psychotronic Video: the website

Back in that 'other life', I was a huge fan of strange & bizarre movies. Whether low-budget slasher/thrillers or old forgotten B&W oddities from small Hollywood studios. I was a regular at the Film Forum showings of Sci-Fi and Noir classics, as well as reviewing low-budget/direct-to-video stuff for the old Joe Bob Briggs Report. There was nothing more fun than joining Vinnie, Dorian, Matt, Debbie D. and Michael Gingold (now managing editor at FANGORIA) to watch the animation festivals and such

Before and after that time I was a subscriber to Michael Weldon's gone but never forgotten PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO magazine. I also have both trade paperback books, compiled from the thousands of reviews which Weldon and his staff did over a decade. Weldon and I actually had a brief e-mail correspondence going, dealing primarily with a group in the mid-West trying to co opt the 'psychotronic' name. I was in contact with both sides back then and can tell you that it got pretty nasty.

For a while I had an almost complete collection of PV, but over the past five years I have sold or given them away to other fans. I believe I may have an issue or two among the comics and fanzines I brought with us from New York. I think it's in the box with my FLAMING CARROT & LOBO, THE DUCK action figures. :-)

Weldon, as he explains over on the PV site, has pretty much closed shop on the printed version of the magazine, but a lot of the articles, reviews & interviews (amazing behind the scenes stories from some of the most interesting actors, directors and screen writers you may remember from B-movies & cult films) are available online. You might also want to check out the PV store if looking for hard-to-find weirdness.

Once again, I don't make anything from plugging these sites, but I do want to make them available to you as I find them myself. Hell, a few of the links over on The Right were created by folks who contacted me after reading something here. Discovering that anybody but the usual six of you read this thing is a surprise!
Oh, despite what the first paragraph implies I'm still a big fan of that stuff. I just get fewer opportunities to indulge.
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