Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jose Canseco's book

Jose Canseco' book, JUICED, came into the library yesterday and I skimmed it briefly. I don't know that I'm interested enough to read the whole thing, but will probably read some sections to see what he has to say about certain players, teams and league officials.

He appears to have some nice things to say about Joe Torre, although he wasn't too happy with his brief stint with the Yankees. The team picked him up basically to prevent him from playing with some other teams and hitting against the Yankee pitching staff. He ended up spending most of his time sitting on the bench and actually felt guilty about taking part in the World Series celebration that year.

Regarding Sammy Sosa, I didn't read what he had to say about any steroid use by Sammy, but Canseco did feel that Sosa was singled out during the 'corking' incidend. He felt that the umpire made a big deal out ot the situation, while many other times such things are swept under the rug when discovered with different players. Who knows if this is true or not? I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
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