Monday, February 28, 2005

Thrilling Detective

The headline above will link you to the Thrilling Detective website. Thrilling Detective isn't connected to the well known pulp magazine by that name. The title, apparently entering public domain, just seemed an apt one for the folks who set up this site and expresses perfectly what the site promotes. I'm also adding a link to the page over on the right, which should be up shortly.

I would have to guess that my love of detectives and the mystery genre probably occurred shortly after my love of cowboys. There was certainly never a shortage of those old b&w movies on television, featuring Dick Powell, Alan Ladd, or Lloyd Nolan among others. Hard-boiled guys, usually with a cigarette dangling from the lips as they wised off to some cop or gangster. Like the cowboy heroes I loved these guys were tough, but generally decent despite their rough edges. Maybe that's why both genres have such an overlapping readership and many writers find easy to move from style one to the other.

I've just discovered this site so will be checking it out in the next few days. I'll probably have more to say about both it and the types of films & books it honors.
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