Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bad mouthing A-Rod

Click on the headline above and you'll find Trot Nixon getting the Red Sox/Yankee season off to a grand start (courtesy of the NY Daily News). Apparently in Trot's eyes, Rodriguez doesn't measure up to either former Yankee greats or even his current team mates.

Man, the pitchers & catchers are just showing up and already the slings & arrows are flying between the two camps. Add to that the crap that Jason Giambi will be getting from all the fans (pretty much where ever he goes early in the season) and things are shaping up for an interesting season. That's not even including what happens on the field. :-)

We can also look forward to hearing the "Who's your Daddy?" jibes that Pedro will hear when the Mets first show up to play their crosstown foes.

As for hockey and a possible cancellation of the season, I can't say that I really care. I don't think I've ever watched a professional hockey game all the way through on television. In fact, the only hockey game *period* that I recall sitting through was back in 1980. That was in a bar with some college friends and we were watching the U.S. Olympic team play the Russians. Now THAT was a game!!

I do feel for the true hockey fan though, like my wife's 11-yr old nephew, who genuinely enjoy the game. Fingers crossed for them that both parties can work something out by the scheduled news conference this afternoon.
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