Monday, February 14, 2005

Canseco on 60 Minutes

The saddest part about all this is that I really don't have much trouble believing Canseco. I'm not saying that everything in his book is 100% accurate, but I think that he is telling us what many sports fans have known for years. A lot of the biggest names in the game are not playing on the 'level field' we'd like them to be. As some of the sports radio show hosts point out the only new things that Canseco is giving us are the names.

Check out what folks like Mike Lupica, Jim Rome and others have to say. Canseco has his detractors, but they are not dismissing everything.

Even when McGwire & Sosa were playing "can you top this" with the homerun record, there were rumors that one or the other (possibly both) were doing steroids or using other things to boost their energy. It also doesn't take a genius to look at the Barry Bonds of his rookie years and see that the guy is doing something more than munching energy bars and hitting the Nautilis equipment. I doubt that MLB really wants to know the truth behind all of this. If they did they would take the suggestion of some folks and have a major investigation.

It will be interesting to watch the coming year and see if this is a flash in the pan, or if it will have any lasting effect. Canseco's book may not have a long shelf life, but this story is not going to go away when copies are sitting on the bargain table.

If you click on today's headline you'll link to the USAToday/Baseball Weekly site. I'll probably be adding that link over on the right any day now.
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