Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm not a football fan by any means. For me there is baseball season and then 'other games with balls which I neither understand nor care for'. I played the usual pick up games as a kid, plus the ones you're forced to play in gym class (my "brilliant" soccer career cut short by getting kicked in the ankle by another player as we both went for the ball. At least once a week my ankle will still give out on me.), but I never could get into basketball or football.

I barely watch more than a handfull of NFL games a season and don't think I've ever sat down and seen a basketball game, since my father passed away. I'd sometimes keep him company watching the Celtics. Still there has always been something more than just a football game about the Super Bowl and I try to catch it every year.

This year was no different, except that there were no buffalo wings, since we most of the evening was spent at my sister-in-laws for her b-day party. The game was on, but since dinner didn't start until just after kickoff.... *sigh*

Caught some of the commercials and I'm sure I'll get to see them, plus the ones I missed ad nausea for the next few months. Unless of course, the Brad Pitt beer ad was a one time thing. Oh, and as much as I like Paul McCartney, I think that Fox and the NFL were trying to play it too safe after the Janet Jackson hoopla. Didn't you get the idea that many of the young 'fans' around the stage had probably never heard a McCartney song unless forced to sit in the car with their parents?

Being a New Englander born, I was naturally cheering for the Patriots to repeat and they didn't let me down. Although there were a few minutes there in the third & fourth quarters where I thought they had blown it. Thankfully, the Eagles didn't seem to be paying attention to the clock, nor the fact that that they might want to stay two TDs ahead just to be on the safe side. Neither team really should feel badly about how they played, since many sport show types were predicting NE to walk all over the Philadelphia players.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself and the game, but will be adding some baseball links over the next couple of weeks and will be talking baseball here on this blog all season. Be warned!

Happy Trails!

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