Monday, April 28, 2008

Remote Viewing: What's on?

Donna and I have started watching the Animal Planet 'reality' show, GROOMER HAS IT! Jai Rodriguez, formerly of 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' hosts the program which features a dozen professional dog groomers. Much like TOP CHEF the contestants compete in various ways to prove that they are the best groomer, with one of them kicked out of the 'dog house' each week. I can't compare it to some of those similar 'reality' shows over on Bravo, etc. but if I say a show may be 'too gay', am I being homophobic??

As I've said before, I love watching Fearnet On Demand on my day off or on those mornings when I go in late. Donna doesn' t like these type of films at all, but Kristina does. She keeps pushing me to watch the various SAW films, but I haven't had the chance. When SAW II entered the rotation for April I figured it was my chance, even though I haven't seen the initial installment yet.

Wow! Even having not seen SAW, I thought the second film was pretty good with a couple of squirm inducing traps. Unlike the first movie, where everything basically takes place in a single room, here the half dozen chosen are trapped in a house where Jigsaw has infected them with a virus which will kill them in two hours. He has also placed the antidote in several locations and the 'game' is for them to find it before their time runs out. Tobin Bell & Shawnee Smith from the first film both return. Possibly remembered by some as Linda from the TV series BECKER, Smith returns as 'Amanda', apparently caught again by Jigsaw in order to play a second time.

Smith also appeared in "Repo! The Genetic Opera", a short-film made in '06 to gather backing for a feature film which will be released later this year, but she doesn't seem to be in the cast for that one. However, Anthony Head (known for playing Rupert Giles in the BUFFY series) plays one of the leads, and has a quite nice voice as some may recall. I caught the trailer and it has all the earmarks of the next "Rocky Horror", whether that's good or bad!
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