Monday, April 21, 2008

Remote Viewing: All we have to fear is...Fearnet!

I would just like to make a quick recommendation to any of you can get Fearnet from your cable or satellite provider.

You might want to check out BURIED ALIVE (B.A.) and DEVIL’S TRADE (D.T.), two series which were originally presented as webisodes and are now available ‘on demand’. The first is still split into segments of about 15-20 minutes each, but the later has been edited into a 26 min. short.

B.A. is exactly what you might expect from the title. A group of twenty-somethings are captured by someone and locked into different cabinets, apparently buried underground. They are tormented by their captor and hints are dropped that they are being punished for some slight. We see each of them in scenes videotaped by someone earlier and eventually come to realize as they do who may be responsible. It’s the type of torture/porn familiar to fans of SAW/Hostel and similar films, though a bit less graphic than those films.

D.T. is more straightforward, a bit bloodier and I thought more successful, since it doesn’t take quite as long to get to the ‘twist’ ending. Somebody is selling a ‘cursed’ artifact called the Devil’s Tree online and evil things begin happening to those to purchase the item. A young woman attempts to change things when her brother becomes the new owner, but are her premonitions real or not? Caveat emptor, indeed!By the way, you can also see the BLOOD TRAILS prelude to 30 DAYS OF NIGHT at Fearnet, which I really recommend. You don’t have to view these to understand the film, but it does introduce some of the characters and concepts you’ll find in the theatrical release.

If you like this sort of thing, you can catch HALLOWEEN II & III and SAW II, as well as other goodies on Fearnet for the remainder of this month. One of my favorite channels and websites.
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