Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New links to stuff!

Over on The Right I've added links to both VARIANT EDITION and CRITICIZE THIS.

I discovered both over on YouTube among the videos related to comics. In Criticize This you can find Michael Goldberg reviewing comics and other folks reviewing everything from games to movies. I've been enjoying Mike for a couple of weeks now and wanted to introduce him to you folks.

Variant Edition is done by five or six guys (depending on that particular week) who work in a comic shop and talk about what is coming out that week as well as what they think about it. Just a bunch of fan boys who really remind me of hundreds of like minded guys I have hung with at cons and shops. It is just fun and they never take themselves seriously, which makes them much better then most of the folks you'll find over on YouTube to begin with. They did a really good review of the NEW FRONTIER DVD which you should check out (both the DVD and the review).

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