Friday, April 11, 2008

Anonymous posts!

Personally, I try to sign every post I make on other websites or blogs. If I don't actually use my name, the screen name I use will usually link to my e-mail and isn't meant to disguise who I am. SChaput, Sachaput or Stevec50 are pretty easy to figure out!

If you want to reply anonymously please send me an e-mail, with your real name, and let me know before hand or immediately after you post at either of my blogs. If you have a good reason not to reveal who you are I am willing to hear you out. I make it a rule to delete posts that are spam or not signed.

I want to apologize to folks who may have come upon Spam or other links embedded in replies to my blogs. I try to get rid of them as soon as I become aware that they are here.

For what it's worth, while I am not a long-time friend of Mark Evanier, I am a fan and we have met on occasion. I'd rather my blog not be used to defame or take slaps at him behind his back.
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