Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day jitters!

Man, can it actually be opening day for the 2008 MLB season?

Caught a bit of the festivities yesterday on ESPN at National Stadium and had the television on today before I went to work. Great watching BASEBALL TONIGHT and yesterday's highlights over and over! As Donna says, at least there will be something to watch from now through October. :-)

Between ESPN and the various other stations we get we should be able to catch a game most nights and on weekends. While it won't always be either the New York Mets (her team) or the Boston Red Sox (my team) we're happy watching just about any two teams out on the field. Usually we can also depend on being able to root against the Damned Yankees or the Annoying Braves a couple times a week, which is always fun.

I see some folks predicting already and a few thinking this might be the Detroit Tigers' year. Worse things have happened and I don't have anything against the team. It's not hard to guess who Donna and I will be cheering for and it will only get ugly (as folks know) if both teams end up in the Series in October.

Had to laugh at the NYY getting rained out on their last opening day in Yankee Stadium. Just about every broadcaster made some comment about it being an omen or something like that. I think Steinbrenner blamed Joe Torre for the delay and is considering asking him back to New York so he can fire him directly. Me, I'm curious to see how both Torre and the Damned Yankees do their first season apart.

I've got to get my Boston cap out of the drawer, dust it off and keep it handy.

So, who you folks cheering on this year?
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