Thursday, March 27, 2008

So, what else is on?

Just a few quick comments about what Donna and I have been watching or looking forward to.

JERICHO had it's final episode broadcast this past Tuesday and I'm sorry to see it go. Robert & Jake have made it to the independent republic of Texas, with the last nuclear device. We won't know the final outcome, but certainly would love to see one of the cable channels (SCI-FI, FX, etc.) pick up the show.

LOST is on tonight and we are hoping to find out what happened to Walt. I seem to recall him appearing to one of the primary characters last season, but can't recall to whom. I was sorry to see a couple more cast members killed, and it appears that a few more will not be finding their way off the island. Of course, the show is contracted to last at least two more short-seasons after this, so we should get ready for more flash-forwards & flashbacks as things move along. Anybody else hoping that nobody from the 'rescue team' make if off? Except, maybe Faraday who seems like a nice guy despite some of his actions.

Still trying to figure out who to really dislike in the fourth season of TOP CHEF. I'm not a fan of Dale, Spike or Andrew, with Andrew's attitude last night really making me want to see him tossed. Why antagonize the judges? I also don't think I can take more of Zoi whining! This show is so much better than FOOD NETWORKS similar "Who Wants to be the Next Food Network Star?"
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