Saturday, March 08, 2008


While I have a chance, I want talk about some comics I picked up the other day at Nuclear Comics & Skateshop. By the way, NC was voted the “Best Comic Shop” in Orange County in the OC Weekly annual reader’s poll. Congrats to owner Kenny and the great bunch of folks he has working the shop.

I am not going to do regular reviews, so I’ll skip the usual spoilers.

The COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS series is moving quickly to the end, with only seven issues left to go. Meanwhile, the tie-ins like LORD HAVOK, C. to Adventure & Mystery are also wrapping up their plots, which may or may not have an effect on FINAL CRISIS when that starts this summer. The Lord Havok book takes place in a period when the main story was only about halfway complete, but it is still the best of the spin-off books. As much of a b*stard as Havok may be I’d be curious to read more about the character and his team of villains. In CtA, Adam Strange, Starfire & Animal Man look to be about to return to Earth-One to fight both the Lady Styx plague and the alien ‘healers’ who are engaged in genocide. They appear to be starting with San Diego, so at least the parking for the convention might improve. (Sorry!) We’re still hoping to see Forerunner not survive her storyline, but DC editorial seems to like sociopath killers as ‘heroes’ so I would not be surprised to see her with her own title.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA is my personal favorite current DCU title, as I may have said before. We finally get to see GOG this issue and the “Thy Kingdom Come” storyline continues gaining momentum. The Old Superman is a wonderful character, as was the Superman of Earth-2, another tragic hero who has witnessed the loss of all he loved. Sadly, I’m predicting an unhappy but heroic ending for this Last Son of Krypton as well.

I just read that my second favorite DCU title, SHADOWPACT, will be discontinued in a few issues. I’m going to hazard a guess that knowledge of that may have led to one of the characters actually having what could be called a ‘happy ending’ to his appearances in the book. I can only hope that the rest of this group go off to equally well deserved ends when all things wrap up.

More when I get the chance about my non-DC purchases.
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