Saturday, May 03, 2008

Free Comic Book Day, Comics and Norbert!

For the second year in a row I’m working on Free Comic Book Day. As I told Kenny, over at Nuclear Comics & Skateshop, I think somebody in Library administration isn’t a comic fan. By the way, if you are reading this and not going out to your local shop to show support, shame on you!!

I stopped by Nuclear yesterday to pick up my regular pulls, but will be going back tomorrow for a bit to take advantage of Kenny’s annual sale. He’s promised to try and set a few FCBD items aside for me, so I might still get some freebies. I also want to pick up some TPBs and back issues, which are going for 20-50% off. Be nice to fill in some gaps from the few years I was not collecting and to catch up on a title or two. I’m sure I can find something or other in the $1.00 boxes he is going to have out.

When I have a chance I’ll have quick comments on the last issue of COUNTDOWN and DC UNIVERSE #0, which will lead into the next event. With SHADOWPACT coming to an end with #25 and all my other DC buys being mini-series, it looks like I’ll only be picking up JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA and BRAVE AND THE BOLD (depending on the new creative team) as regular series. I’ll see how I feel about FINAL CRISIS and its tie-ins this summer.

Having heard a good review from MadClan at of New Avengers #12, I decided to take a chance, and features Nick Fury, one of my favorite characters from way back. I hear that Mighty Avengers #40 is also worth a glance so maybe tomorrow I’ll pick up some more Marvel books. Hey, if COUNTDOWN could draw me back to the DCU, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Skrulls get me back into the Marvel universe, now that zombies aren’t around anymore!

My old pal, Vinnie Bartilucci has been carrying around Norbert for years to various comic conventions. He would approach artists and ask for a sketch to which the usual response was which of their current or past characters did Vinnie want them to draw. I was with him a few times and it was always funny to see their reaction when Vin would pull Norbert from out of his knapsack and plop it down in front of them. “I want you to draw him!” Priceless!!

You can learn about Norbert and see the wonderful drawings done by some of the best and well-known artists in the industry. When your sketchbook contains the likes of Eric Shanower, Moebius and the late Dave Cockrum each doing their interpretation of the little guy you have something special. You can see for yourself by clicking on the link in the headline, but I’ll be adding it to my regular links over on The Right. Also, if you really want to see something head over to YouTube and check out an animated version of Rick Geary’s Norbert. An international conspiracy, indeed!
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