Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keeping track of all this, collectibles!

I have been using the online database, COMIC COLLECTOR LIVE for several months to try to keep track of my comics. Since it is free and constantly updated I have found it pretty decent, but with a few quirks.

If you've been around for a bit you'll remember that I used to utilize another free online database, but the owner of that site eventually gave up on it, leaving a lot of us with dated & uncorrectable files. Just the other day I found that someone else has taken over the site name and is now providing a similar free service. This time, however, they carry ads and you can buy & sell, just as CCL does.

I'm now inputting my collection into both databases and finding that they each have problems. The main one being that I appear to be the only person to have collected certain titles, so now have to go through the hassle of getting approval to place them into the site.
I have found CBDB has some titles that CCL doesn't have and vice versa, but in some cases only individual issues rather than an entire book's run. (For example, CBDB lists ULTRA KLUTZ but only four of the 31 issues, meaning that I have to input the remainder.) Also with CCL, you have to go through a 'voting' process where majority rule can actually disallow your input. In most cases, you have to have to provide a link to another database or company website to prove the title actually exists! I'll be trying to put some items into CBDB this weekend and let you know how difficult or easy that will be.
Quick update: if a title is a one-shot CBDB makes it hard to add unless the person who originally put it in the database listed it as a #1, since you have to place an issue number in the databox.
I plan on picking up my bi-weekly haul of stuff at Nuclear Comics tomorrow, along with some Silver Age bags. I have some older books that have been stored in the same bags since I purchased them. Eventually, I'm going to have to buy some regular/current bags & boards since I left what I had back in Brooklyn with Dan & Christina.
By the way, I'm going to be boarding at Michael's in San Diego along with Dan, who is flying out for the convention. It should be pretty interesting, as this is his first SD and I haven't been there since '96. I'm sure to rant more on all this between now and late July, so bear with me!
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