Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Four-Color Fiend: The Mighty New Avenging Skrulls

There might be a few things given away so we will start with


I’m not sure in which order they were published, since I picked them both up this past weekend, but I want to recommend both MIGHTY AVENGERS #12 and NEW AVENGERS #40. Given the stories I would recommend reading MA #12 first, as that will make the end of NA #40 even more of a shocker. Another thing is that even if you have not been reading previous issues these books were fairly easy to follow as they are more tightly woven into SECRET INVASION, so if you read the first issue of that title you’ll be just fine. Heck, neither of the Avenger teams really shows up except for few panels in either book this month.

MA shows us what Nick Fury has been doing since he last appeared. Here is a guy who just wanted to settle down after a life of action, but finds that events are happening which he cannot ignore. When he discovers that someone he trusts is not who they appeared to be he begins investigating. Using his own skills and some ‘borrowed’ S.H.I.E.L.D. tech, he uncovers the fact that there are Skrulls masquerading as humans and super-heroes. He turns to one of the few people he believes he can still count on, but the last page shows that he is still unsure about who may be a Skrull and who is still human. Fan sites are filled with folks guessing what the red & blue circled photos indicate.

In NA, we get a history of the Skrull Empire from the time that it was visited by a group of heroes more than a decade ago. Even then plans were being put in place that would lead to the invasion we see taking place in the current Marvel universe. We learn who some of the Skrulls leading this conspiracy are and why the Earth is such an important target. If you have been reading the SECRET INVASION series or other tie-ins you will be as shocked by the final page as I was.

Brian Michael Bendis wrote both of these books and as the driving force behind the SI event he was a perfect choice for these books, as they present just about all you need to know on background. Unlike at DC where you could ignore many of the COUNTDOWN spin-offs and still follow events, I think that I will be buying a number of these SI related issues, or at least skimming them at the shop to keep up with things.

I’m giving both these Three out of four stars.
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