Monday, September 24, 2007

Things are looking up!

I hesitate to mention the Red Sox here since it seems that whenever I do they go into a slump. I’ve actually begun writing things, waited and found that they blew a game that day and the standings changed yet again.

Anyway, taking a chance, I want to say that I’m happy to see that Boston has clinched a play-off spot this season. I’d be happier if, like the Angels, they had clinched their division but we’ll take what we can here. Sadly, the Damned Yankees appear certain to grab a wild-card slot, but we can always hope for them to fall down once they get there as they have the past few seasons. It also looks as if the Mets will be moving into the post-season as well.

Whoa! Check out the New England Patriots, huh? Sweet!
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