Thursday, September 27, 2007

CBG #1653: just arrived in the mail

I received the latest issue of Comics Buyer’s Guide in the mail the other day. This time around, learning from my past mistake, I skimmed the issue instead of doing my usual front-to-back reading. I felt bad last time out for not noting Peter David’s column on Leah, so figured I would see what I might not get to for a while in casual reading.

The cover and a nice article discuss the up-coming SPIDER-MAN story arc, “One More Day” and “Brand New Day.” This will be the last story done by current writer (and Babylon 5 creator) J. Michael Straczynski. In it Peter Parker will have to make a choice about his future. This choice will save the life of someone he loves, but will totally change almost everything else about his current situation. If you really want to know about this a quick check of any of the comic book fan sites will let you know than you could ever hope. Either choice will not make some fans happy, but it strikes me, as one of those things that a few years down the line will be changed yet again.

Personally, I haven’t read an issue of SPIDER-MAN is probably ten years that I can recall. The last Marvel title I was regularly reading was THUNDERBOLTS, prior to the reboot, which dropped the super-hero team in favor of a storyline about super-powered wrestlers. Needless to say a good jumping off point! Given the fact that I have been more of a DC fan the past twenty years I am only vaguely familiar with what is going on in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Following the SPIDER-MAN article, the Andrew “Captain Comics” Smith talks about other “One More Day” type events and story arcs that were supposed to make drastic changes to a title or whole line of comics. The ones he picks also had to be rescinded or rebooted a year or more later, often making things worse rather then better and still remembered not so fondly by many fans. Do “Heroes Reborn” or “Return of the Heroes” ring a bell? How about the “Crisis on Infinite Earths”?

The rest of CBG is filled with lots of reviews and comics’ news, some of which is dated by the time it sees print, but is generally news to me. With almost all comic publishers having their own websites and the dozens of comics related news sites around you can pretty much keep up with things. For me it’s the reviews and columns talking about new & old comics, which make CBG so much fun.
On another comics related note, it appears that a “Justice League of America” movie is being fast-tracked for filming in the spring of next year. The only “name” that seems attached is Jessica Biel, who appears to have been chosen to play Wonder Woman. This would then lead to a solo WW feature, from what the various sites indicate. A hat tip to the many fan sites that are using this as an excuse to dig up as many photos of Ms. Biel partially clothed as can be found on the Internet. That’s the kind of thing which makes our hobby so approachable to females and parents, isn’t it?
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