Thursday, September 13, 2007

For Leah. Thanks, Peter!

In that Other Life, I had the opportunity to meet and befriend some really wonderful folks. I sadly have lost touch with many of them, not totally through faults of their's.

Anyway, when I get each issue of Comics Buyer's Guide I don't skim the whole issue, but read it from cover to cover. This always saves Peter David's BUT I DIGRESS column for one of the last items I see. Due to this I was not aware that Peter had written about Leah Adezio's passing. I also did not know that he had written a SPIDER-MAN story inspired by her.

Since, as I've said, I don't read many new comics anymore I forget just how good a writer Peter is and how he can move me as a reader. Even if I hadn't known Leah I would have been touched by both the story of his last moments with her and the comic story. Leah would have loved the story and I'm sure her sons loved reading it.

Thanks again, Peter!
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