Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daisy Kutter by Kazu Kibuishi

I love westerns so I was curious when this item showed up in the Graphic Novel section a few weeks ago. As good as westerns are, there is something special about westerns with robots.

Daisy Kutter is a former train robber and thief who has tried to settle down. She and former partner Tom are living in the same town, but have grown apart. She’s trying to run a dry good store, but finds life too quiet. Meanwhile, Tom has taken the job as the town’s sheriff and feels Daisy should join him as his deputy. When she is offered a ‘legit’ job, which offers her a chance to use her old skills she decides to accept it, but finds out that she is being set up.

Kibuishi has a nice clean style that appears simple, but can actually show the emotions of his characters. He also has some wonderful action sequences and quiet moments with no dialogue necessary.

The novel is numbered #1 so I’m hoping to see more of Daisy, Tom and some of the other characters Kibuishi introduces.

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