Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gene Autry: 100 Years in the Saddle

To celebrate Gene Autry's 100th birthday this month, the Encore Westerns Channel will be broadcasting a 100-hour Autry marathon. If you click on the headline above you can swing over to the official Gene Autry website and read the Encore schedule.

As I've said before, I liked Gene but he was fourth in line on my Top Cowboy list. The Lone Ranger will always be #1 (especially in the television and films featuring Clayton Moore behind the mask); Hopalong Cassidy (my first western hero) takes up the second spot, with Roy Rogers easily in the third. Mr. Autry has a firm grip on the #4 spot, which is not a slight in my book.

I watched dozens of Autry's films and his television show as a kid and enjoyed them. Still there was always something about Gene that struck me as being out of place. It was like he had been a shoe salesman who played guitar and somebody said he should try on a cowboy outfit. Gene struck me as being a bit soft for the outdoor life, although from everything I have read he really did love the out of doors and especially the history of the western expansion of this country.

Anyway, thanks for the memories Gene and I'll see you back in the saddle this month.
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