Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So, what's up?

As I mentioned over at Parting Shots, I haven't had a chance to blog over the weekend. Thought I'd just post a few things so you didn't think I'd forgotten about all of you. :-)

Just got Comics Buyer's Guide #1634 in the mail a few days ago. It's the first issue of my new subscription and I'm looking forward to checking it out. I know that it will probably end up sitting around for a week or so, but did want to make a few comments.

The cover for this issue features Green Arrow & Black Canary who have been dating on & off for decades. It seems that they are finally going to get married, which is never a good idea for super-heroes in either the Marvel or DC universes. Generally, the ceremony itself will probably be crashed by some assortment of villains who have a grudge against one or the other hero. Also, even if you get married in your secret identities somebody will figure out that you've gotten hitched and try to get revenge via your spouse.

CBG looks back at the history of this couple of former JLA members, as well as discussing super-hero weddings in general and some of the more notable in particular. I enjoy these 'themed' issues that CBG puts out on occasion, but it's the reviews of old & new books (that section edited by old buddy, Tony Isabella) that is usually my favorite reason for buying the magazine. Originally it was THE place to find out what was up-coming, but over the past ten plus years that has fallen to the various official and fan sites that abound.

As for television viewing the various 'reality shows' that Donna and I have been watching the past month are all wrapping up within the next couple of weeks. That means we will have to go back to watching Discovery Health, CourtTV, Animal Planet and the Food Network until the regular Fall season starts.

Speaking of TV, we caught The Bourne Identity on the small screen Saturday. I had read Robert Ludlum's book a couple of years ago and had been curious how they would change it. It's easy to see now why the series has taken off. We both enjoyed it and plan on renting the second film, then possibly seeing the third over the Labor Day weekend.

I've always liked Matt Damon and he does a good job as Bourne, at least as he has been 're-imagined' for the screen into a much young man. Unfortunately, I can't say much for Franka Potente as Marie. It's hard to know if she plays the character as flat and uninteresting or if she isn't even trying as a performer. You get that sometimes with actors who feel the role beneath them. I'm sure even the producers of BI were caught by surprise at how successful it became.

Finally, if you aren't already watching them Donna and I both recommend MONK, PSYCH and THE 4400 over on the USA Network. We look forward to them each week, but you should know that USA runs these shows for short 'seasons' a couple times a year. We're about half way through on each with only two or three shows left until the season finales.
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