Friday, August 03, 2007

I didn't go but.... The San Diego Comic Con

I've been watching videos and reading lots about what I missed at the convention this year. One thing I learned was that I'm glad I wasn't there on Saturday. I also see that, as usual, Mark Evanier has one of the best perspectives on SD and conventions in general.

Conventions are what you make of them and we all expect something different. It has been my experience that any two people can attend the same con but see it with totally different eyes. The convention that you find exciting and fun, might give me that feeling of deja vu and have me looking for the exit after the first few hours.

Back in the Other Life there were some events that I looked forward to and a couple where I had to all but drag myself through the doors. My last few Big Apple events were along those lines. The same folks selling the same things and the place just getting more crowded and less fun each time. If it hadn't been for the fact that I'd get to see folks like Leah Adezio, Dan Reed and some of the Lulu Metro members I might have stayed home.

I also agree with Mark (big surprise!) about SD always being about more than just comics. The costume contest, was just one example of seeing fans of non-comics representing their favorite characters. The first couple of conventions I attended had folks like Mel Blanc, Kirk Alyn (movies first SUPERMAN & BLACKHAWK), George Clayton Johnson (writer of several episodes of the original Twilight Zone & co-creator of Logan's Run) and even Dr. Timothy Leary (now that was a shock meeting him as I entered an elevator!).
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