Thursday, August 09, 2007

Paul Storrie: nice guy and comics writer

Back in the other life I had the opportunity to meet a number of creative folks. I can't begin to remember all the writers, artists, editors and fans that I had the chance to hang with at cons, parties, bars and restaurants. Considering how cut-throat the industry can sometimes be you would be surprised how many of the pros are genuinely decent people and not the ego-beasts you see in other entertainment media.

I knew Paul Storrie when he was a fanboy looking for his first few breaks, and was able to congratulate him as his name began to appear in the credit boxes of published comics. Paul is indeed one of the nicest guys I met back then and also one of the most fun to sit and chat with. He may not be as funny as Bob Ingersoll or have as many great stories as Mark Evanier, but it was good sitting around listening to him talk about his plans and projects.

If you click on the headline above you'll link to his personal site and I'm also adding it to the growing list over at The Right.
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