Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Colossus of New York: because you never know

In case you've never seen this old B&W sci-fi film the headline above will take you to a review over at SFFWORLD.COM (Science Fiction & Fantasy...).

I was surprised to find that I received a comment on a post I did almost three years ago, which I had totally forgotten. It was a review of a couple of Randolph Scott westerns I had just seen, with an off hand mention of one of his co-stars, Mala Powers. Ms. Powers was an actress who may be remembered for portraying 'Roxanne' opposite Jose Ferrar in Cyrano de Bergerac. She also played the wife of a scientist in "Colossus of New York" and that's the reference the poster caught.

Apparently, independent film-maker Nick D'Castro is working on a new version of the film and the anonymous poster was passing this along.

Just another demonstration that all this stuff sits online and you never know who is going to find it.
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