Thursday, January 10, 2008

What Comics I'm Reading

I was over on Comic Collector Live yesterday updating and checking out the forums. I'm using their software to catalog my books and generally throw in my two cents when I can.
Anyway, one of the threads in the Forums was about what folks are currently reading and their Top Ten picks. Since there are only about a dozen titles that I'm buying at all on a regular basis it was pretty easy to chose ten. It did however remind me that I haven't mentioned comics here in the past couple of weeks. I expect to be hitting Nuclear Comics tomorrow to see what Ken has pulled for me, so I thought I'd just quickly mentioned some of the books on that list.

1) Usagi Yojimbo - Stan Sakai's samurai series, which just happens to feature 'funny animals' in place of feudal Japanese warriors. This book is always recommended.

2) Shadowpact - the DCU series about magical heroes, who haven't crossed the line to Vertigo yet. You can't go wrong with talking chimps!

3) Justice Society of America - probably THE best comic currently being published by DC, at least from what I have seen. Back when I was really into comics the previous incarnation of this book JSA, was a favorite. Looks like Geoff Johns and Alex Ross are doing a story arc that features the SUPERMAN from the KINGDOM COME series on this Earth. Dale Eaglesham and Ruy Jose do a wonderful job with the interior art, with some amazing Alex Ross covers to just about make the books perfect. Highly recommended!

4) Bat Lash - Sergio Aragones, best known for his creation GROO THE WANDERER and the marginal drawings he does for MAD magazine, returns to a western character he co-created a couple of decades ago. Aided by western writer Peter Brandvold and Silver Age artist John Severin, Sergio brings us a six-issue mini retelling the origin of Bat and what set him out on the trail. If you like westerns or just well done non-superhero stuff, I advise you to give the book a try.
5) Groo: Hell on Earth - Sergio Aragones again along with Mark Evanier (doing whatever it is he does). A fun comic with an underlying message about ecology, politics and why nothing ever gets done about either.

Since I find myself still a tad confused with COUNTDOWN and other DCU titles, even after reading INFINITE CRISIS & THE OMAC PROJECT, it seemed the best thing to do was to pick up the TPB collections of 52. I can see why fans were enjoying the book, even with just the first volume read.
Probably more on this sort of stuff on Saturday, if I get the chance.
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