Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An apology and an announcement

The first is to the owners of two sites linked over on the right. Apparently when I put in the URL I made some typing errors and they weren't working. I want to apologize for the folks who put those sites together and have corrected the problem. From now on it might be wise to actually try the links before making them permanent. :-)

I have purchased a four-day pass to San Diego for this year. I'm working that Thursday but will be wandering around from Friday through Sunday (7/25-27) for at least part of each day. Donna, who doesn't care at all about comics, will not be coming down and will be spending the weekend with friends back in Orange County. I'll be sharing a room in Hotel Circle with a friend on Friday & Saturday nights, so I hope to hit a few of the evening events.

I'm sure to be mentioning this several times before July, but I'm really looking forward to attending the convention for the first time in a decade.
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