Monday, July 02, 2007

ROBOT CHICKEN: The Star Wars Edition

Donna is NOT a big fan of animation, although she has enjoyed some of the Pixar/Disney films and will watch The Simpsons with me on occasion. Because of this I generally catch up on this stuff, either on those days I have off and she’s not here or late at night when I can’t sleep.

I’ve caught a few episodes of ROBOT CHICKEN before and loved it. However, last night I was lucky enough to see the new “Star Wars” special episode and was absolutely stunned. The fact that George Lucas and Mark Hamill actually take part, is a bonus. Lucas “as Himself” is obviously having a good time even poking fun at SW fans.
I could give away tons of great jokes, but will refrain. However, if you loved the original trilogy you will love the scene where the Emperor receives a call from Darth Vader. In some ways it reminded of those old Bob Newhart routines, where he would be on the phone with some historical character. The bigger fan of SW you are the more you will like this. Trust me!
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