Tuesday, July 03, 2007

DC Countdown #47- 45: I'm still clueless!

The panel I use here was also chosen as “Panel of the Week” by the guys over at Comic Book Resources. It does sum things up; at least issue #45 pretty much. We get chicks beating on each other and the back-story for Forerunner, or a Forerunner. Cover featured on the cover of #46, she really doesn't do much except smackdown Donna Troy & Jason Todd (neither of whose 'hero' names I'm clear on right now) by rushing up and blindsiding them. Wow!
In what passes for an explantion of some sort in #45, one of the Monitors (in dialogue by writer Tony Bedard) explains to us, or rather to a character that should already know her origin, that she is part of a race created by the Monitors as attack dogs. What a bunch of sweethearts, huh? It seems that this new character is going to play an important part in the story. We can only hope that's wrong, unless they really do something with this cliche warrior-babe. (Isn't the whole cutting/ripping off your ponytail or other facial hair stale by now? Oooh! How defiant!)
I have to admit that while the art by Jim Califiore is good (as are most of the artists working on this title), he and the others don’t really distinguish one Monitor from another all that well. I really shouldn’t have to keep track of whether one has a full beard or muttonchops, bald or dreads. I get the point! They are basically identical, but give me something to work with, huh? Than again maybe my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Also, why do an occasional female or alien looking Monitor show up in the background or crowd scene and then disappear by the next panel? I wonder if everybody got the same memo?

Although Jimmy Olsen did display some powers previously in the series, it is evident that his contact with Lightray, at the time the New God seeming passed, has created some link. It was kind of cool seeing Jimmy imprisoned on The Wall, which was a nice Jack Kirby concept which I don’t think was every really utilized by him that much. I don’t know that much about current DCU continuity, but is it still gospel that Jimmy hung with the Forever People and the Newsboy Legion, etc.?

It seems that the character I identified as Star Boy in my last rant is called Star Man, at least from my reading of his entry in Wikipedia. He also apparently is aware of his fate but has decided to remain in this era. I’m expecting some of this to be cleared up eventually.

By the way, I’ve picked up a couple of TPBs of recent Teen Titan & Supergirl/Legion of Super-Hero stories that I’ll be trying to get to shortly. I hope these will clear things up a bit since they take place after Infinite Crisis. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done.
Maybe next time out I'll be in a better mood.
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