Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The All-Star Game: Yeeah, baby!!

Man, that was a good game, even coming in late. I forget that being out on the Left Coast that the game was going to start at 5:00pm PT. By the time I got home it was in the 5th inning and the AL was leading.
I watched as much as I could, running in from the grill where I had some hotdogs burning. The 9th inning was, if not one for the record books, about as exciting as you could get. Bases loaded with two outs and the score AL-5 & NL 4. The AL closer was Francisco Rodriquez of the Angels, who walked two runners to load them, but fortunately his pitch to Aaron Rowand of the Phillies was hit out to right field and caught. Whew!
The rest of the season starts with both the Red Sox & the Mets leading their divisions, so things are looking good.
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