Friday, October 14, 2005

So now what!

George Steinbrenner hasn't come out and blasted Joe Torre yet, but we can probably expect something to come down from on high in the next week or so. Torre cancelled his usual end of season press conference and has been keeping a low profile. On the other hand, George came out and praised the manager of the team which beat his highly paid Bombers, while not mentioning his own manager at all. As you can guess, this has caused quite a bit of speculation in both print and on-air here in their hometown.

The New York Daily News had several good articles on Wednesday going over the situation. Mike Lupica was his usual entertaining self and gave a good overview of what had gone wrong and you might be to blame. The News also ran a poll where readers could vote for which team member should be dumped and who kept on. Don't know the results yet, but it will be interesting to see if the newer acquisitions like Randy Johnson, A-Rod & Giambi stil have big fans in the Big Apple.
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