Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What else did she star in?

Just about everybody familiar with blogs (and that's all of you, I assume) or the 'net in general have probably used the Internet Movie Database at one time or other. Personally, I find myself checking out the name of a film or an actor's credits at least a few times a week. I'll either do this because I'm writing about a certain movie/television show, or I'm trying to do a bit of research for a library patron. It never fails that when a celebrity passes away that I'll have at least one person come in and want to know in what films this person appeared.

Even with several dozen books on movie & television actors it would be next to impossible to have enough up-to-date material on the shelves. IMDB.COM makes my job a lot easier and, to be honest, I will spend way too much time just searching for my own amusement.

Hope you will find it as useful and as much fun as I do.

Happy Trails!
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