Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Is there a reason for this?

My 'main' blog, PARTING SHOTS was originally going to focus on my fan interests. I was going to talk about movies, Old Time Radio, classic television and comics (strips and books). As time went on I started spending more time discussing politics, social issues and the events happening in the news. I still threw in an occasional review or two, but basically I wasn't having fun over there.

SHOT'S SHACK bring me back to my original idea for a blog/website, which is to simply talk about and link to stuff that I enjoy. I'll still be blogging on things in the news and 'real life' events over at PS, but SS will be where I'm going to ramble about things which I've always loved. A lot of that will be about 'westerns' chiefly the television shows (GUNSMOKE, RAWHIDE, BONANZA, etc.), but also movies and comics related to those 'cowboy' themes.

If I have a chance I'm going to reprint (or would that be 're-blog) some of the reviews I wrote last year on a series of western DVDs I have in my collection. I'll also link to some other sites related to my various interests as I locate them. There a few 'cowboy hero' websites dedicated to Roy, Gene, Hoppy and others, so you can expect to see them listed and I'll have a few comments on each. Eventually I'm going to talk about Old Time Radio, something I used to be a big fan of and to which I've gone back to enjoy since I have dozens of programs on audiotape.

Please don't expect me to be blogging on a regular basis here, since I'll still be spending a lot of time over at PS. As I said before, SHOT'S SHACK is where I'm going to come to play.

Happy Trails!
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