Monday, April 03, 2017

Review: Adam Strange/Future Quest #1

You don't need to have read either the Future Quest mini-series, featuring the Hanna Barbara action character, or the recent Adam Strange/Hawkman adventure to enjoy this stand alone story.  Writers Marc Andreyko and Jeff Parker give us enough backstory so that we don't feel lost. Adam Strange really fits into the Quest universe quite well.

Hurtled by The Zeta Beam into this alternate world, Adam finds himself in a lost valley where young, Todd known as Dino Boy and his Neanderthal pal, Ug search for Todd's parents. Able to contact Dr. Quest, aid arrives to try and help Adam return to his own world. A fun story that would have fit right into the old Jonny Quest series.

Add on a short tale featuring Top Cat and Batman, believe it or not, this is a nice book that ranks as my third favorite in this cross over series.
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