Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Season for Doctor Who

Just a quick couple of things on the latest season of DOCTOR WHO on BBC America.

Everybody who follows the show already knows that the Doctor's companions, Amy & Rory will shortly be exiting the program.  A new companion will quickly be put in place and we'll have to give her a chance.

The first two episodes of the season were great, as you can't go wrong with a Dalek episode and dinosaurs on a spaceship are pretty cool.  On the other hand, I was rather disappointed with the third episode (shown this past Saturday), "A Town Called Mercy". 

There were some nice elements but it just seemed like they needed something to show The Doctor has been under some strain and to reinforce the notion that he needs a companion(s) to keep him in check.  Both David Tennant and Matt Smith have shown that given too much time alone the Doctor can forget the 'humanity' and humility that he needs.  Besides those moments the episode was nothing special and had that 'haven't we seen this before' feel.  You could almost have put Kirk, Spock & McCoy down in the middle of Mercy and had pretty much the same show.  For me, it was probably the weakest DW episode of the past couple of seasons.

As there are only a couple of episodes left with the Ponds, I have my fingers crossed that things improve.
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