Monday, September 10, 2012

Do they really need a reason? Marvel Now & the 'new' New 52

As if keeping the continuity in mainstream comics wasn't difficult enough, given the number of 'events' that occur on a semi-annual basis in the Big Two, both have decided that a total reboot of their "universes" are necessary.  To be honest, we all know it comes down to orders from Disney & Time/Warner that sales need a boost even when the licensed film franchises are raking in millions for each company.  The monthly titles are just not generating enough to hold up their end, so something needs to be done to get the, fans/readers interested again.

Last year DC's "FLASHPOINT" event led into the New 52, where all the company's books were cancelled and fifty-two titles were put in their place.  A third of them seemed almost half-hearted jokes to appeal to a small segment of fans, while the rest were basically Batman/Superman/Justice League tie-ins that had a built in audience that was likely to continue or even grow.  Well, it seems not so much.  So, of course, we get all the books getting a new first issue (or #0) or something like that, with some books spinning off from those and others ending.  I've given up caring on all but a few titles and may let this be a great time to drop all my DC buys.  I have "Court of Owls" and whatever the Teen Titan/Legion Lost cross-over was called to thank for helping me cut just about everything from my pull-list. As much as I was enjoying the two LoS-H books and Synder's BATMAN, I didn't appreciate feeling like my arm was being twisted to pick up related titles I didn't care for to begin with.

I know next to nothing about the current Marvel universe, having dropped all those books about six issues into the 'Heroic Age' era/event.  I had hoped that it really was going to be a positive push after the heavy stuff at Marvel from CIVIL WAR onward.  Sadly, it was pretty much more of the same, with most titles seeming to be little more than hand-wringing over what had happened the previous couple of years and waiting for the next event to get things going.  Wasn't the Sentry supposed to come back or something like that?

Apparently somebody, mostly likely not even directly involved in actually creating comics, decided that another short-term sales boost was necessary and since a reboot had gotten press and sales for DC, why not try it at the "House of Limited Ideas".  All I know is what places like Bleeding Cool, and a few other sites have had leaked to them and nothing I've read makes me care a whole lot.

Right now I'm down to Veritgo's AMERICAN VAMPIRE (with assorted tie-ins) and the occasional Marvel Zombie mini-series when it comes to titles from what were once my favorite publishers.  Dark Horse, IDW and Image (believe it or not) are the companies that are getting the majority of my comics cash nowadays.  From what I am reading and hearing I don't see that changing any time soon.
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